Monday, October 1, 2012

Vegan MoFo Begins with Cruzers Pizza!

Hello Ahimsa Lifers!

Vegan MoFo? What's that? It's the Vegan Month of Food! 

The basics: This month we celebrate Vegan Food - plant-based, animal/cholesterol-free, and compassionate food.  I will be writing every weekday (and maybe a little here and there on the weekend) about Vegan Food: How delicious it is, how many options there are, how healthful it can be, the pleasures of whole foods, favorite restaurants, favorite meals, why I love cooking, what's in my fridge, desserts desserts desserts, and more.  You will get to read, comment back, and enjoy the pictures (otherwise known as food porn, when done in such a gratuitous manner).  Let's celebrate Vegan Food, for this month (specifically) and beyond!

(For more details on Vegan MoFo, check out their About Page and FAQ Page.)

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To kick off this Vegan MoFo, we'll start with one of the top answers to the question "What's your favorite food?" (spanning adults to children): PIZZA!

Whether it was from Villa Rosa or Ray's or NUTS or DeLorenzo's or Due Amici, I loved (animal-based) pizza.  Grew up on it and probably would have answered it to the question above.  I was content with a plain (animal-based) cheese (from a cow) pizza, but I did like (animal-based) sausage (from a pig or cow) every now and then as a kid.  In my teenage/young-adult years, I brought on more of the veggies, becoming more of a peppers and onions guy.  I've tried all different types - from Hawaiian Pizzas (liked pineapple, but, sorry, wasn't a big fan of eating ham/pig) to White Pizza Scampi (with shrimp) to Tomato and (animal-based) Ricotta Pizzas.  Uninformed, I easily could have thought that I'd miss out on the scrumptiousness, the pure gooeyness, the crispy crust crunch, the convenience and delight of pizza when I adopted a vegan lifestyle.  However, PIZZA IS A-PLENTY.  And since I've gone vegan, my pizza consumption has continued.  The Yums will never stop.

Luckily, for Lindsay and I, we have an excellent vegan pizzeria within delivery distance of our Hollywood apartment: Cruzer Pizza.  You can find other Italian goodies at this 100% vegan eatery, from meatball subs to salads to tiramisu, but we'll just stick to the pizza for today.

Here are a few of the MANY different pizzas you can order from Cruzer Pizza, in addition to making your own: 

Yum.                                  Yum.




I've tried a lot of 'em - still have a couple more to taste! - but my latest favorite is The Jamaican (read above).  Daiya goodness (my favorite vegan cheese - still have a couple more to taste!), a full grasp on flavor and meatiness (even nicer when it doesn't come from an animal!), Cruzer Pizza has got it down.  Pizza is Pizza - and this pizza is delicious and cruelty-free.

For all of the other pizza lovers out there, you'll always be able to get your fix.  Maybe another day this month will discuss vegan pizza again, maybe DYI Make Your Own Pizza Nights (so much fun!).  For now, search around for what will be your new favorite vegan pizza place nearby.  If you're in LA, swing by Los Feliz for some of Cruzer Pizza's tasty choices.

What's your favorite vegan pizza and/or favorite vegan pizza place?

All the best and yummiest to you.


  1. Vegan pizza is my favorite! There's this great place in Providence called Nice Slice that I love going to. I love their bbq "chicken" pizza.

    <3 Melissa

  2. My favorite is pizza with hummus "cheese"!

  3. Oh man, I've been craving (vegan, obviously) pizza for days! Two Boots in NYC now has a few vegan slices. Their slices with daiya make me nostalgic for my youth. They are delicious. Good thin crust awesomeness, and vegan. I actually really like the frozen tofurkey pizzas, too. The fire roasted veggies one is a particular fav. I may have to get some pizza soon to fill this pizza-less void in my belly!!

  4. Melissa, if I go on my dream pizza road trip one day, I'll be sure to stop by Nice Slice in Providence.

    Lisa, I'm down with everything hummus.

    Molly, you must go to Pala for me and Lindsay!