Friday, October 26, 2012

Vegan MoFo #9 - Live for Live: The Joy of Raw Foods Part 2 (Choose Your Dessert!)

This one is a dessert test.  It's as simple as it comes.  Three desserts.  You rank 'em from your favorite on down.  When it comes to live/raw desserts, the flavor, creaminess, and overwhelming pleasure are all still there.  To make the dessert experience even better, raw desserts are lighter.  So much lighter.  So you can indulge in a raw dessert and not have to worry about the heaviness in your tummy, the bloat, the yucky "too rich" feeling, the "Uhhh, maybe I shouldn't have eaten the whole thing" feeling after.

Cafe Gratitude busts out the goods and, in celebration of family visiting us in LA, we decided to go for the gold with three of their most delicious delicacies.  Here they are, in random order.  Please comment below with your #1, #2, #3 and why (I'll share mine after a few comments).  If you've already tasted CG's treats, you know where it's at.  If you're just going based on visual and personal flavor/dessert preferences, get your butt to LA and meet up with us for a meal at CG. You can be sure it'll be a taste bud trip you'll never forget.

Contestant #1: Fig & Cream Topped Chocolate Mousse

Contestant #2: Mint Chocolate Cream Pie

Contestant #3: Tiramisu

What's YOUR favorite dessert?

All the best and yummiest to you.

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