Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lumosity: Having Fun While Training Your Brain

My brother-in law, Jon Wolf, of YouTime Coaching, introduced me to Lumosity several months ago. I grew very interested in the platform yet, after dabbling in a few days of free trial, faded away from the website.  As I began taking on more projects & undertakings, for coaching, for Reiki, for acting, for fitness, and more, I remembered Lumosity and thought, "Maybe now is the time to try it out... see if it can help me enhance my brain/mental function." And so I jumped back in with a year's trial. Well, it's only been one month of training so far, and I'm already feeling, experiencing, and seeing the differences. 

Lumosity, the #1 brain training program online, is built around the process known as neuroplasticity.  Here is more on the subject:

"Over the last few decades, neuroscientists have discovered that adults' brains are constantly changing - growing new neurons and connections - in a process of neuroplasticity. Lumosity takes advantage of the brain's innate neuroplasticity to help shape it into a more effective, powerful organ... Lumosity targets core cognitive processes... memory, attention, and other abilities that are critical in the real world."

Through playing games such as Eagle Eye, Pinball Recall, Familiar Faces, Speed Match, Word Sort, and Disconnection, these different cognitive processes are tested and, with consistency & time, grow stronger.  

Practical benefits used in everyday life that you will receive from training are: remembering people's names and faces (and connecting the two), remembering directions, increasing your peripheral vision intake, multitasking more effectively, thinking faster, becoming a better logical decision maker, developing your vocabulary, deepening your focus and attention span, and a whole lot more.

When I first started, my BPI (read below, right) was 1230; it's now increased to 1474.  Here's a look at my progress over the past month and current status:

It's been a blast playing the game and experiencing the fun and benefits of Lumosity simultaneously.  I look forward to spending a few minutes engaging mySelf in the scheduled training for the day - plus some extra games if I'm in the mood.  It has benefited me in numerous ways, especially pertaining to how I structure my time & schedule, my focus throughout the day, and more impressive memory recall. It is also very helpful to have a better grasp at meeting new people - and remember them by the end of the day/night (or even just a few minutes after introduction!).

Check out their blog for interesting articles on the science behind neuroplasticity and enjoy some puzzles they provide:  They offer very reasonable memberships for getting involved - I recommend the year or two year plan, if you can do it.  There's also a Friends & Family plan that provides the best price for the greatest number of people (we're talking $20-25/person a year).  This is the definition of "tremendous value."

It took my focus and dedication for active & fun growth to get up to the 98th percentile in my age group (and better in others!).  Will you join me? Can you work your way to a BPI of 1500+ and the 99th percentile? I look forward to developing our brains together. (Please keep me posted on your progress and growth!)

All the best and yummiest to you.

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