Friday, September 28, 2012

Unity, Caring, Kindness, and Friendship: A Beautiful Thing Happened Tonight

There's a Saturday Night Life sketch from 1998 with Will Ferrell, Tim Meadows, Horatio Sanz, Ana Gasteyer, and host Cameron Diaz, called "Jingleheimer Junction."  It was a spoof on a children's type show, where normally a valuable message/moral would be presented in a fun, entertaining way.  

I give a Uckf about Caring, Kindness, Friendship, and Unity.
In this episode, Karen Kindness, Carla Caring, Umberto Unity, are joined by a new friend, Fred Friendship. Unfortunately, due to what they wear on their shirts, bearing the letter of their respective first names, they have some "technical difficulties" with the show.  Ya know... U, C, K, and F... you can see where the difficulties can come in.  It's funny, and you should watch when you have a few minutes.

It's just an SNL sketch, so there's no need to search deeper with it... yet I must.  

But, before I do, let me tell you about the incredible act of kindness I experienced tonight.  Lindsay and I went out to dinner at Paru's Indian Vegetarian Restaurant, something we love to do but do a little less frequently now - as we're doing a little more saving and a little less spending.  We sat down, figured out what we're going to eat (after discussing a more reasonably priced option than what we initially chose), and ordered.  

A few minutes after our food came, the host/manager for the night came over and asked us if we knew the woman that had been sitting in the booth next to us (she since had left).  We answered "No."  He replied "Oh," partly in surprise, letting us know that she had paid for our meal: food, tip, and all.  We were even more surprised, to say the least, thanked him for letting us know and looked at each other with deep gratitude for this tremendous, anonymous act of kindness.

How can you spread your Kindness?
Getting back to our F, U, C and, well you know: the "deep, life message" side of these comedic sketch came from the inability for Friendship, Unity, Caring, and Kindness to be able to come together and be expressed/celebrated because of something inappropriate.  I feel as though there are many obstacles in this world, in our own personal worlds, that come up and deny our ability to give and/or receive.  It's in moments like the one Lindsay and I experienced at the restaurant that I was able to clearly see and experience a true act of kindness, with no obligation, limitation, or standard.  The values of friendship, unity, caring, and kindess are ones that should be expressed as often as possible.  Once each and every one of us begin the cycle of giving, we're bound to receive - and vice versa, by accepting/receiving, we open up opportunities to give back.  This is where true abundance resides.

Lindsay and I have been very present with our giving & receiving in the past few months - obviously, we came up on the receiving side tonight (which makes us very excited about our opportunity to give back).  I encourage all of you Ahimsa Lifers to create opportunities of friendship, unity, caring, and kindness in your own lives.

  1. Open yourSelf up to receiving "Thank you"s, compliments, and gifts when they come your way.  To deny any one of them is to halt the cycle of giving & receiving... you never know what is coming your way or what chances you'll have to brighten someone else's life.  In this aspect, be a "Yes" man or woman.
  2. Find an opportunity to anonymously do good.  Whether it's giving to charity, buying a bagel for the person behind you in line, paying for someone's dinner, or leaving a card filled with love and compliments for someone to read, a chance to do good brings about more good and more chances.
  3. Make a new Friend.  Actively.  Whatever that means to you, do it.  I think being truly friendly is a quality that's been diluted among many.  When an opportunity with someone new comes up, sincerely show/provide Friendship.  Ask him/her questions about him/herSelf.  Find commonalities, discuss differences, participate in an activity that you both find fun.  Whether this person ends up being a Friend for the hour, the day, or longer, you'll both experience a positive effect/connection within.
  4. Organize a group.  Bring people together.  Poker night.  Volleyball game.  Pot luck.  Go out for drinks.  A hike.  Yoga class.  A movie.  The list goes on and on.  People are meant to be with other people.  No one can do this thing called Life alone.  Create Unity and Community.
  5. Be Kind to yourSelf.  That's where it all starts.  If you can't show immense Caring to yourSelf, it will be awfully hard to show it to and share it with others.   Go on, do something good for yourSelf.  You deserve it.  

World Kindness Day is coming up on November 13th of this year.  You can read more about it at The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. Philip Wollen, the speaker, visionary, and philanthropist in the brilliant video post I shared in June, is the founder of an organization called Kindness Trust.  And if you missed out when the book 29 Gifts came out years ago, here's a chance to play catch up: 29-Day Giving Challenge. As you can see, opportunities for Kindness, Caring, Unity, and Friendship are everywhere.  Take advantage of them.  Connect with them.  The world becomes a better place when we all do.

All the best and yummiest to you.


  1. Awesome. You guys deserve it! It's a "pay it forward" kind of situation. I have no doubt you bring anonymous joy to many people whose paths you cross. Hugs!

  2. that is AMAZING!!! thanks for the inspiration!

  3. You know it, Molly. We do always hope to bring/spread joy to others. :-)

    Glad you found the post inspiring, VF!

  4. Thank you Steven, you reeled me in with SNL and really made me happy & jazzed on this monday.

  5. You deserve a Jazzy Monday - we all do! Excited to hear the comedy connection helped you reach a happy place today.