Thursday, November 8, 2012

Live With Passion!

It's Tony Robbins' mantra, his tagline, his salutation in emails, on his website, in his audios and videos. He encourages you to not just live life but live a life full of passion, of drive, of meaning, of purpose, of motivation, of inspiration, of momentum.  He recommends you follow your dreams and lead the way there through direction and commitment.  I haven't listened to an audio or watched a video in the past few weeks, but I can still hear his raspy, powerful voice say: 
"Live... with... Passion!"

A little over a year ago, November 3rd-6th, 2011, to be exact, I attended Unleash the Power Within, one of the many premiere Tony Robbins events.  UPW consisted of four full 12+ hour days at the Los Angeles Convention Center in a large hall of 4000+ people.  Led by Tony and Joseph McClendon III, the four day immersion intends to: 

  • turn fear into power, allowing you to breakthrough limiting beliefs that have held you back in life, featured by a "Firewalk," where you walk over hot coals around 1000 degrees F (give or take a couple hundred degrees)
  • introduce you to practical psychology and the 6 Human Needs, teaching you what drives an individual to do (or not to do) something; 
  • rile up a deep sense of hunger, or drive, of willingness and want to success, achieve, and grow, and provide the forward-moving focus needed with a pumped-up community energy
  • connect mind, body, and spirit with practical action steps to thrive with vital health and fulfillment
  • introduce techniques for you to condition your mindset and produce/live an extraordinary life
Needless to say, it was a life-changing, empowering experience (that I highly recommend to you, should you have the opportunity to attend a UPW or other Tony Robbins event).  I left UPW with a strength, a focus, a direction that I never had (or trusted I had) before.  Since then,
  • I've created Ahimsa Life Coaching and developed it into a coaching business and online platform/community: working with multiple clients toward living healthier, happier, more passionate and compassionate lives; created a contest of meaning with LogoQuestions 2012, inviting Ahimsa Lifers to explore their lives through a daily meaningful question
  • I've attracted my way into becoming the Community Manager with Forks Over Knives, a powerful, acclaimed film of which I already was a great advocate, setting my work and passion into the same realm
  • I've connected with other professionals to create opportunities and appearances to share my insight, expertise, and passion and make myself more known
  • I've established a life where I dictate my time, living my days with the time freedom for which I had once yearned
  • I broke through my fear of getting involved in improv and started classes (and even performing!) at iO West
  • I've developed a more effective and active fitness routine/program, putting on muscle & weight at a greater pace; participated in a Gladiator Run, testing my physical and mental strength and ability
  • and more...
This event easily could have been a one-time happening, a flash in the pan.  However, beyond my love and faith in what Tony Robbins teaches, I knew I needed something to anchor me to moving forward, to sticking to my promise to unleash my power within and set forth in achieving my goals with passion.  The first day of the event I purchased a wrist band that reads Tony's mantra, tagline, saying, and salutation: "LIVE WITH PASSION."  I have worn this wristband every day for the past year (now a little over a year - 370 days to be exact; if you've seen me, then you can vouch it's true), and every day it's reminded me to... you know... 

And I have.  And I will continue to live with passion in my extraordinary life.

Do you LIVE WITH PASSION?  What do you feel prevents you from living a life of passion and how can you live your passions in a greater manner?  What will you do starting TODAY to ensure your life is more passionate in health, work, play, relationships, etc.?  Please share in the comments!

All the best and yummiest to you.

P.S. I've added a new wristband to keep my LIVE WITH PASSION wristband company.  It's a maxim I've promoted and lived for the past 3+ years.  Check it out:

P.P.S. Are you interested in Unleashing the Power Within yourSelf? Check out the Tony Robbins' website for more information on upcoming events (including UPW in Los Angeles, March 2013!) and valuable tools from which you can truly benefit!

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