Thursday, September 20, 2012

Your Day's Alphabet Starts with "U"

How many times have U gone through an entire day, only, at the end, to realize "Well, that got away from me..." ?

How many times have U reached the end of a workday, only to think "Well, work's done... but I haven't done anything for mySelf..." ?

How many times have U denied yourSelf waking up with your first alarm, hitting the snooze button once, twice, three times?

Let's face it: there's a lot to do in a day.  Or there's a lot we feel like we have to do in a day.  One thing that often gets left behind, forgotten about, unfulfilled... is ourselves!  And when it comes down to it, the most important thing - in this case, person - to take care of happens to be that very thing we neglect.

What gets U excited to wake up?  What gives U pleasure, a thrill?  How do U motivate, inspire, energize yourSelf?  What actions do U take to put U in the optimal zone for success and achievement?  Since there's only one of U - U are your only U - how do U care for your body, your mind, and your spirit?

What if these questions were the ones that started off your day and continued to guide U through, rather than popping in mid-afternoon, if U have time?  What if U started off your day taking complete care of yourSelf, doing something active and engaging, fulfilling and pleasurable, something that revved U up for great productivity and excitement and also set your level of health and happiness at a high?

If your days are often bogged down with work...
If your days leave you feeling exhausted and unsatisfied...
If U resist waking up from your slumber because U just aren't excited to go about your day...

U aren't putting U first.

I encourage U to create a simple ritual, regimen, exercise that U can do first thing in the morning when you wake.  Something that will get your juices flowing - literally, activating your physical body, which will only energize you more; something that will get U excited for any activities, actions, or work U will do toward your outcome/goals - reflecting on what's right in life, what's good, why you love life; something that's quick and easy and makes U - that same U that's most important - most important.

Some ideas for U-Time:

  • Drinking one or two glasses of water
  • Taking a cold, warm, or hot shower or bath
  • Going for a walk
  • Going for a run
  • Going for a bike ride or rollerblading
  • Writing gratitudes on a piece of paper or in a journal
  • Making a healthy breakfast and eating it sitting down at a table
  • Complimenting yourSelf in the mirror
  • Saying/doing a favorite mantra/affirmation/incantation
  • Getting fresh air/taking active deep breaths 
  • Dancing
  • Writing poetry, stream-of-consciousness thoughts; keeping a dream journal
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Simple stretching
  • Singing your favorite song or listening to your favorite music

I've found, in mySelf and others, that great productivity, focus, and overall happiness comes out of a nice and easy morning practice that puts U first.  In my "U" case, upon waking: 
  1. I splash some water on my face, go to the bathroom,
  2. Drink two glasses of water,
  3. Go for a breathwalk up my street to the top of the hill (walking while actively breathing in through my nose and out through my nose or mouth) while listening to my Calm Meditation Pandora station,
  4. Do some light stretching,
  5. Do some simple yoga (mainly inhaling my arms around and up over my head and exhaling them back down),
  6. Check in - palms together - in praying form - with my thoughts, my words, my feelings, and my actions (head, lips, heart, stomach),
  7. Walk back to my apartment with whatever inspiration incantation comes to me, allowing it to build my momentum and motivation for the day.
  8. Finally, I write down five things for which I am grateful and meditate for one minute on one of them.

My morning practice boosts my confidence, my awareness, my energy, and puts me in a place of content and action.  I can honestly say that it has increased my productivity and benefitted my life tremendously - just eight simple steps, all focusing on me - my most important Self.  

Now it's your turn to take care of your most important Self!  Please share whatever morning ritual you do, and let us know what new practices you've added or started!

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P.P.S. Can U help me in strengthening my YouTime practice? Please check out my Reiki Certification Challenge!  Giving & Receiving creates an even greater connection with Urself.

All the best and yummiest to you!

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