Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kiss Me, I'm Vegan! (Please Vote!)

1) Being vegan: It's a great reason to kiss someone.

2) You probably shouldn't actually kiss me.  I have a wife.

3) My wife, Lindsay Wolf, however, did create Kiss Me, I'm Vegan!, and I am a contributing blogger, so maybe she, myself, and any other kissable vegan out there is asking for a big ol' smooch.

Lindsay w/our sponsored Winny
In November 2008, Lindsay, almost two months vegan, started up a blog to document her new journey.  Titled "Oh Boy... What Have I Done?": "There will be recipes, stories, and lots of etcs. Mostly, this will be a place where I hope people, vegan and non-vegan alike, can find a sense of connection. Whether you've been eating vegan since birth, new to veganism, or a compassionate omnivore, my hope is that you will be able to learn something new about food and life... I have had some awesome and exciting experiences, made mistakes, and learned so much. And in the midst of it all, I've made a huge realization- that I love animals very much. How I got to this point and where I will go from here is why I created this blog. I'm so freakin excited. :)"

Since then, KMIV has developed the strongest, most compassionate & playful following of the kissable kind, interviewing over 20 vegan experts/warriors in health, food, animal rights, and beyond; sharing our favorite homemade and already published recipes; telling stories of our own vegan successes, struggles; posting the most adorable animal photos; imparting our wisdom to an amazingly open community of vegans and vegans-in-process; and more.  Also:
  • Alicia Silverstone, of The Kind Life, helped KMIV with a beautiful shout-out and guest post 
  • Two fundraisers, "Rock It Out! A Night to Benefit NY's Farm Animal Sanctuaries" have happened, raising almost $5000 for the animals.
  • Book, food, and other product giveaways have gotten KMIVers active and generously rewarded. 
  • We have had the opportunity to meet and connect with hundreds of individuals who we've been able to provide guidance for OR sought guidance from.  In all cases, we've made wonderful friends for life.
Why write all this? Well, it could be just because. From an outside perspective, Kiss Me, I'm Vegan! is a tremendous platform/forum for vegans and those interested in adopting a vegan lifestyle.  As a co-blogger, it's been a privilege to share my own story, knowledge, and words with others, as we all forge ahead in our vegan journeys.  My own Life Nutrition/Vegan Transition coaching business, Ahimsa Life Coaching, is ultimately a life result stemming from my vegan journey, stemming from Lindsay's vegan journey - all wrapped in and around Kiss Me, I'm Vegan!

VegNews: The Acclaimed Magazine/Resource for Everything Vegan!

The main reason I write, though, is because it's time for the 2012 VegNews' Awards! It's the world's largest survey of vegan people, places, and products with the chance to win amazing prizes.  So go vote now!  What I graciously ask, with great gratitude, is that for "Best Website" and "Best Blog," you please write in "Kiss Me, I'm Vegan!"  It would be such a spectacular tribute to Lindsay and the work she's done; also, an amazing way for KMIV to reach even more people and contribute further to create a beautiful, healthy, compassionate vegan world.

So, when you go vote this year for the VegNews Awards, have a blast a filling in your favorite vegan celebs, vegan food products, animal advocacy groups, and Kiss Me, I'm Vegan! by writing-in for "Best Website" and "Best Blog!" Who knows, maybe with your support, you'll see KMIV on the ballot next year!


All the best and yummiest to you.

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